Cultivate is positioning itself as a developer of ecosystems centered around productive farms in urban areas. Objective: Valuable value of useful but untapped urban spaces.

The fields of innovation offered by urban agriculture, the circular economy and the sustainable city are for us as many axes to rethink the (eco) food systems. It is about reconnecting urban populations with their food to consume “local” products that are healthy, fresh, good and traceable. From seed to plate, from shovel to caddy, our projects are demanding, virtuous and forward-looking.

For each project, Cultivate strives for technical excellence, economic rigor and societal responsibility.

Technically agnostic, the team mobilizes for each project hybrid skills (architects, consultants, experts in urban agriculture, agronomists, chefs, …). Greenhouse production in hydroponics, especially in roofing, allows the development of projects that meet these requirements, with productions up to 10 times higher and a minimal environmental impact.


Rational use of natural resources, quality of production methods, local consumption, respect for crafts and terroirs are Cultivate's founding values. By analyzing and implementing virtuous actions, our projects combine economic, societal and environmental efficiency.


Constantly monitoring the latest trends (food, travel, lifestyle, ...) and the new possibilities offered by innovations (products, services, methods, ...), Cultivate is spawning new concepts that re-energize the agricultural sectors urban, catering or hospitality by connecting them to each other.


Freshness, taste, traceability, the revaluation of urban spaces in productive spaces makes it possible to respond to the demand for greater and greater consumer transparency. The positive urban agriculture promoted by Cultivate creates innovative and demanding ecosystems in the heart of cities and redevelopment areas.